Galena sky, race inspiration


Welcome to the website for the NEW Galena Sky trail race! This site will grow as we start getting more pictures on the course, our race medals, and shirts start arriving. We learn from runner's what the website needs by the questions you ask, so please take a look around, and ask us questions.

We have a lot of FUN planned for this race, and all the Ornery Mule races. A trophy series is in the works. Follow our facebook and instagram page for updates.

Who is Ornery Mule Racing? In case you are not familiar with us, we like putting on fun running events. Our other races are: Frozen Gnome 50k/10k, Earth Day 50k/15 mile/5 mile and the Hennepin Hundred. We had a lot of folks asking us to put on a "timed" event. We searched, and found this awesome venue at Chestnut Mountain Resort

Galena Sky Trail race inspiration: Our goal is to have FUN! The location is "fancy"....weddings are held here every weekend during the spring, summer and fall season. It is a breathtaking location. Do not "sweat" about the word fancy though, the resort is "comfortable fancy". That is what attracted us. Cool trails, majestic views, and a great place to hang out with other runners for the weekend. Plus, lot's of neat things to visit close by. Local Wineries and historic downtown Galena.

Party- FUN- course!-----> We will have a DJ on course, and at the after party. Lot's of excitement going on as you are getting "loopy" running the trails. The course is challenging, with quite a few nice runnable areas. It is not overly technical. You will probably be walking a few hills. It will be a great challenge, with a sense of accomplishment and grand views as rewards. 

Prizes-----> We will have finisher awards for all runners. These are being designed at the moment. The inspiration is a Nordic Viking warrior Shield. It will be heavy metal, 3-D and badass! We will also have specific prizes for distances reached, plus age group awards. We are looking for overall male and female awards being a Warrior metal shield, that idea may evolve- but we promise something unique and cool. We are busy working with artist and designers right now. 

The "vibe" or theme of the race is we are all warriors, choosing our own battle and succeeding at that. We have artwork being designed for the races official male and female Galena Sky Viking Warrior image. We encourage people to use the race as an excuse to dress like a warrior for the day. Prizes for best male and female costume.

Finisher meal---> Chestnut Mountain Resort will be preparing a finisher meal at the after party. This starts at 4:00 pm. We have tested the restaurant on multiple occasions and they cook really good food. 

Overall awards and age group awards----> We will have an awards ceremony at 5:00 pm

Thank you to the running community for being so caring, generous and inspirational.  Runners are our family and we appreciate you all. A big shout out to Leslie Mitchell for designing the logo! Here is a link to her website.

Thanks for checking out! 

Michele & the Ornery Mule Crew! 

Michele Hartwig